Ministry Web Site Analytics Study

  • Why do people come to a ministry web site?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What do they do on the site?
  • How long are they on the site?
  • How do different features impact them?
  • How is the ministry’s mission being achieved through its web site?

The Internet is changing the way ministries impact the world but are ministry web sites accomplishing ministry objectives?

You are invited to participate in the State of Ministry Online: Ministry Web Site Effectiveness Study.

We are seeking 100 ministries to contribute their web site analytics data to our study of performance benchmarks, trends, and case studies for excellence.

Our prayer is that these studies help bring clarity and guidance for ministries to pursue excellence online to the glory of God.

Participating ministries will receive a free, exclusive report containing analysis and insights of effective ministry web site usage. Your analytic data will be kept confidential.

Would you like to submit your ministry to participate?

We ask that participating ministries have had Google Analytics tracking code installed on their web site for at least 3 months (preferably for 1 year).

To provide access to Google Analytics, simply add “” and set account Access Type to “View reports only”.


Step 1: Sign in to Google Analytics ( and click on the name of the account that corresponds to your ministry’s web site.Google Analytics setup instructions - step 1

Step 2: Click User ManagerGoogle Analytics setup instructions - step 2

Step 3: Click Add UserGoogle Analytics setup instructions - step 3

Step 4: Add “” to the account.

#1: Enter “” in the Email address field.

#2: Set the Access type as View reports only.

#3: Under “Allow access to:” select the profiles that correspond to your primary ministry web site.
If your ministry operates multiple domains, feel free to include them all. But we ask that you provide access to your main web site at a minimum.

#4: Click Add to move these profiles into the Selected Website Profiles list.

#5: Click Save Changes.

Google Analytics setup instructions - step 4

(Detailed instructions from Google can be found here.)

Additional information

If your ministry does not use Google Analytics, uses a different analytics solution, or if you have questions regarding any of this, please email us at

Unconventional Method and Monk Development are committed to protecting your analytics data. To ensure your privacy, your data will remain confidential to persons who are engaged in carrying out the project. No identifying information about the visitors to your web sites will be collected. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy or email us at

Thank you for supporting our Internet ministry research!

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