Why Excellence? Building a Case for Excellence in Online Ministry

The stated goal of the Excellence in Online Ministry project is to:

“…identify an approach to Internet strategy and activities for ministries that is centered on Kingdom principles, based on excellence, and aimed at long-term success through Kingdom advancement and benefits to the organization and to society.”

Even though we’re still in the early stages of this research, we’ve already received tremendous response from  ministry organizations like The Salvation Army and Internet Evangelism Day. As we move forward, investing countless hours in pursuit of this idea of excellence, it is prudent to pause and ask the question “Why excellence?

Every ministry leader we have spoken with thus far has responded with great enthusiasm upon learning of this project, many going so far as to say that ministries need this. So, what is it about excellence that makes it such a compelling and worthy goal? How is it that an idea can inspire such enthusiasm, yet few actually can say exactly what excellence is?

This enthusiasm resonates strongly with me; I believe that excellence exists. I’ve witnessed various shades of it and can identify some of the benefits excellence creates for ministry organizations. Yet I cannot fully articulate exactly what excellence is.

So, though I believe strongly in the need for excellence, I don’t expect everyone to blindly agree that excellence is importance. That is why over the next few weeks we will be posting a series of articles that explore the many reasons for organizations to strive for excellence in online ministry.

Tune in here as we develop this “Case for Excellence”. If you have your own ideas why excellence is (or isn’t) important, we’d love for you to join the conversation. Feel free to add your thoughts via comments on this site or by posting on your own blog and linking back here.

We’ll also try to further the conversation by adding links to other sites that are discussing this. Please contact the State of Ministry Online team via Twitter (@OnlineMinistry) or contact me directly (@kevinring) if you want us to link to you site.

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