Excellence in Online Ministry – Project Origins

The Excellence in Online Ministry project was born out of the beliefs that:

God is the God of Excellence, and

Christian ministries glorify God when they aspire to be Excellent in everything that they do.

Inherent to this belief is the recognition of the tension between how the world defines excellence and the standards that God has called us to.

Often this tension pulls ministries toward one of two extremes: fully embracing the Internet, buying into the beliefs and ways that the world lifts up or rejecting the the Internet and withdrawing from it with a presumed holiness. The space between these two is often viewed as a chaotic place, fraught with conflict, temptation, and dangers for Christians. Many ministries are hesitant to engage the web, to the point of being fearful of how the Internet will change them. And while a number of ministries have ventured online with integrity and achieved great success, the Internet is still largely unexplored terrain for ministries. On ancient maps this space would be labeled with the warning “HC SVNT DRACONES” – Here Be Dragons.

But we believe there is another way, one that exists in the in-betweens. We believe that ministries can engage online in a way that is credible but maintains their integrity of character and purpose. We believe this way takes exception to many of the givens of the Internet culture and points to something better. We believe that not only is it possible for ministries to leverage the power of the Internet to love and serve people, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and advance the Kingdom – but that it is our calling.

The Excellence in Online Ministry project seeks to help navigate the murky waters of the Internet by identifying an approach to Internet strategy and activities for ministries. We believe that such an approach will embody true excellence by being centered on Kingdom principles and aimed at long-term success through Kingdom advancement and benefits to both the ministry and to society. Our hope is for ministries to become the leaders in this area, to show the rest of the world what excellence really is.

We invite you to join with us as we embark on this journey. Stay tuned to this site for more information about the project and to learn how you and your ministry can participate and benefit from this work.

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