Ministry – Social and Community Networks Study

How effective are social networking sites and other social media strategies for ministries? There is a lot of noise in the social media space but what is the actual
impact of sites like Facebook & MySpace? For example, we have seen numerous people join Facebook Ministry groups and/or causes but since there is such a low barrier are these connections translating into an ROI (donations, life transformation, etc.).

We are still very early on in understanding what ministries are doing effectively online. You are invited to participate in this first survey of several that examine the State of Ministry Online – Social & Community Networks Study.  This survey in particular begins by examining what ministries are doing with social and community networks. Our prayer is that these studies help bring clarity and guidance for ministries to pursue excellence online to the glory of God.

This project is led by Kevin Ring of Unconventional Method. Kevin brings years of experience leading research projects – designing and executing strategic customer/competitive research and analysis across multiple industries, including work with companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Citibank, Hewitt Associates, Gallup, Bank of America and other Fortune 500 companies, ministries and non‐profits.

Click Here to participate in this Study.

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